Tool Developer Python
Tool Developer for Python projects in international automotive companies
Type: Full time
Start date: 15.10.2018
Salary: >= 50k €
Needed experiences on job: 0
Location: Soest or Munich + home office
Average coding part: > 70%

Job description

As a tool developer you design and develop software solutions in the area of embedded engineering.


useblocks is a software consulting company with a strong focus on international automotive companies.

  • 30 holidays per year
  • 100 € monthly education budget
  • Transparent salary
  • Huge home office part
  • Adjustable mix of coding and project management
  • Easy project switch to learn new technologies and teams
  • Participation on open source conferences
  • Maintainer of open source packages
  • Support to setup your own reputation on Github et al.

Take a look on to get detailed information of an average work day at useblocks or to see more details about our benefits.

Needed skills

Technical skills

  • Python or any other language
  • Python packaging (setuptools, pip, pipenv)
  • Continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Package deployment (e.g. Artifactory)
  • Linux
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Sphinx/RST
  • Relational databases, SQLAlchemy
  • Django/Flask
  • Django/Jinja Templates
  • PyCharm IDE
  • Git
  • Gerrit

Project management and soft skills

  • OpenSource project organization
  • OpenSource project infrastructure
  • Task prioritization
  • JIRA ticket system
  • English language
  • German language
  • ISO 26262 knowledge
  • Team lead
  • Communication skills
  • Riot chats


  • Find and understand problems
  • Collect and manage requirements
  • Design prototypes
  • Develop software and tools
  • Document software
  • Define and enhance processes
  • Rapid prototyping for different solution
  • Analyse prototypes
  • Create and manage continuous integration jobs
  • Participate on international vehicle test days


Base salary per year

Each employee at useblocks starts with the same base salary and there is no way that a contract at useblocks provides less salary. This base salary is fix and it is taken as basis for the calculation of ownership, influence and loyalty bonus.



Ownerships describes what kind of responsibility you own and can manage by yourself. Your are responsible for the complete outcome of the responsible area and therefore must care about task creation, prioritization, customer feedback and much more.


You may only care about your own stuff or you may have ideas how to enhance the daily work of your project team or how to improve a process for the complete developer team. So you may influence the way of working and thinking here at useblocks. And therefore make us "harder, faster, stronger".

Years in company

useblocks honors your loyalty by providing a bonus of 0.02 (2%) on the base salary per year your are already part of our team.

Working model

useblocks provides the right working model for you. Decide by yourself, how much time you want to spend for the job. Full-time or a free selectable part-time.

Final salary per year

The final salary is the sum of the base salary plus the result of the different classifications. Once a year we take a look at your work and may higher your classification, which then results in a higher final salary.


For application just send us some words about you and your passions as e-mail to

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Daniel or send an e-mail.

Daniel Woste
+49 89 / 66 66 17 48
useblocks GmbH
Kungelmarkt 2a
59494 Soest

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