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Sorry, we currently have no open job positions.


At useblocks all salaries are calculated by a common formula, which is based on a base salary and different factors. The factors honors the impact of an employee to our team and company.

Base salary per year

Each employee at useblocks starts with the same base salary and there is no way that a contract at useblocks provides less salary. This base salary is fix and it is taken as basis for the calculation of ownership, influence and loyalty bonus.



Ownerships describes what kind of responsibility you own and can manage by yourself. Your are responsible for the complete outcome of the responsible area and therefore must care about task creation, prioritization, customer feedback and much more.


You may only care about your own stuff or you may have ideas how to enhance the daily work of your project team or how to improve a process for the complete developer team. So you may influence the way of working and thinking here at useblocks. And therefore make us "harder, faster, stronger".

Years in company

useblocks honors your loyalty by providing a bonus of 0.02 (2%) on the base salary per year your are already part of our team.

Working model

useblocks provides the right working model for you. Decide by yourself, how much time you want to spend for the job. Full-time or a free selectable part-time.

Final salary per year

The final salary is the sum of the base salary plus the result of the different classifications. Once a year we take a look at your work and may higher your classification, which then results in a higher final salary.


We believe that developer needs special benefits to feel comfortable on their current job. This is how useblocks supports you:

100 € Education budget

Each team member gets a monthly 100 € budget for books, trainings, conferences or whatever.
Spend it monthly or save it for bigger invests. No questions, no bureaucracy.

30 holidays

Your brain needs a brake? Use your holidays for awesome trips and great family time. You need more days? No problem, if your current project team agrees on this.

Transparent, growing salary

All team members get a salary based on a transparent, public formula.


useblocks supports you to evolve your own, widespread reputation. Maintain open source solutions or hold talks on conferences. Your reputation belongs to you, not to a company.


Tired of getting always the slowest computers and tiniest monitors. Tell useblocks your wishes and start being productive and satisfied.


useblocks travels 2-3 a year to the most interesting conferences in Europe. Just join and enjoy for instance PyCon.DE, embedded world, HANNOVER MESSE and more.

Mix it

Wether you enjoy to code all day long or to hang out in chats and manage your teams. useblocks adjusts for you the right mix of coding and project management. You decide, what ist the most fun for you.

Switch it

Working all day with the same tools and people can become boring after some months. useblocks has a wide range of projects: from embedded to web development. Just switch a project and enjoy the smell of new challenges.


Most useblocks projects don't force you to be available on a specific location or time. Working from home? Need time to collect the kids from kindergarten? Wearing fun shirts? Nobody cares! The final solution matters.


Want to know how an average workday at useblocks may look like? Here is an example of a typical workday of us:

8:00 Arrive at your current workplace (useblocks bureau, customer or your PC at home).
8:10 Say hello to all local co-worker and get your first free coffee/tea.
8:20 Start the engines and log in to our Riot chat system.
Welcome all off-site colleagues from Germany, Hungary or India.
8:30 Stand-up meeting with local and off-side colleagues.
Get the news, plan your day.
8:50 Check your open issues on JIRA.
Hold a video call with issue reporter to clarify the correct needs.
9:10 Start developing and write code e.g. with PyCharm.
Check team chat for some news or answer questions, on which you may help.
10:30 Code works as expected. Write needed test cases using Python, Pytest and tox.
11:30 Tests passed locally. Time for updating the documentation using Sphinx.
12:00 Code, tests and docs are finished.
Time for creating a Gerrit change and ask a colleague for review.
Jenkins already started to perform tests, create reports and build documentation.
This may need some minutes. Time for lunch.
12:15 It's pizza day. Colleagues and you are going to a local Italian restaurant.
13:15 Back from lunch and everything passed in Jenkins.
13:30 Reviewer found some smaller issues in code and docs.
Fixing them takes 10 minutes only.
Patch is sent to Gerrit and Jenkins starts again to test it.
13:50 Jenkins and reviewer are happy with the patch.
Your colleague already accepted the change, so that the merge has already been done by Gerrit.
Jenkins starts to create packages and deploy them to test systems.
14:00 Your team got automatically informed about a new release on the team's Riot chat group.
14:30 Time to get the children from kindergarten. You take a break and have some family time.
16:00 Back to work, but from home.
Luckily all useblocks systems are running in the cloud.
So getting the current team status and working on the next issue is quite easy.
17:00 Enough for today.
Pushing the current status to a feature branch on Git.
Stopping the engines and start your after work time.


Marco Heinemann

Dipl.-Ing. Environmental Engineering

Daniel Woste

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering