4.12. Training agenda

This tutorial can be used for trainings inside companies, communities, conferences and more.

The following is a proposal for a company internal training, which goes over two days and has 2 sessions for each.

4.12.1. Day 1 Session 1.A

  1. Introduction
  2. Questions to training participants about their python know how
  3. groundwork origin
    Why groundwork was developed
  4. groundwork showcase
    Active developed, groundwork based tool
  5. groundwork motivation
    Benefits of groundwork for developers
  6. groundwork concept
    Applications, Plugins, Patterns
  7. groundwork tutorial Session 1.B

  1. Open questions
  2. useblocks convention of Python development
  3. Collection of Python and groundwork related topics
  4. Sphinx and PlantUML
  5. pytest and tox
  6. buildout
  7. Open discussion

4.12.2. Day 2 Session 2.A

  1. ORM concept: Benefits
  2. SqlAlchemy
  3. groundwork-database tutorial Session 2.B

  1. Web technologies: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON
  2. groundwork-web tutorial