sne dev

The dev command contains subcommands, which are mostly used internally by the developer team to make things easier.

sne dev --help


Starts all docker-containers inside /docker with one single command.

sne dev docker up

Helpful to run tests and build the documentation against running external services like Jira or Codebeamer. See also External services for some details about the docker configuration in Sphinx-Needs Enterprise.

operation argument

The operation argument must be one of up, start, stop, down. They have the same meaning as they have for docker-compose.

Please be aware that down will delete the container and therefore maybe also stored data. This means e.g. for the Jira-container that the complete server registration and all data gets lost and you need to start from scratch with the next run. So stop is the better option for most docker containers.

browser option

sne dev docker up -b

-b / --browser will open for each found docker configuration a web browser with the related url.